Research at HUI is since March 1, 2016 operated by the foundation The Swedish Institute for Retail Research (Stiftelsen Handelns Forskningsinstitut, HFI). The purpose of HFI is to conduct independent research on the economic role and importance of retail and wholesale trade. Our research is focused on the following areas:

• The impact of retail and wholesale trade for place attractiveness
• The societal role and economic impact of retail firms
• The labor market in retail and wholesale trade industry
• The digitalization of retailing

We study how changes in minimum wages impact employment within the retail trade industry, regional effects of large retail establishments, the importance of retail companies for the integration of immigrants, and the impact of music on commercial marketplaces. The majority of the research activities are externally financed. Larger funding has been received from, for example, the Trade Council, the Competition Authority and the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation.

In addition to conducting own research, the institute is focused on spreading knowledge about retail trade issues and stimulating more research on topics that are of importance to retail trade.


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Sven-Olov Daunfeldt, Head of Research
Tel: 070-29572840

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