Sven-Olov Daunfeldt

Title: Professor of Economics   
Telephone: 070-2957284

Research areas:

Entrepreneurship, business development, firm dynamics, structural change, field experiments, taxation, institutional economics and monetary policy.

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Research description

My research is primarily focused on analysing questions of importance for the retail - and wholesale trade industries. Few economists have taken in interested in these industries, although they constitute an important and growing part of the economy. I have, for example, analysed questions such as: What are the regional effects when large retailers enter a local market? How does congestion charges affect inner-city retailing? How does minimum wages affect employment within the retail trade industry?

I’m currently working closely with Soundtrack Your Brand, exclusive provider of Spotify Business, to investigate the impact of background music on commercial marketplaces. I also investigate price movements in e-trade using data from Prisjakt, the market leading price comparison site in Sweden. Part of my research is also focused on firm dynamics in general, with a special emphasize on high-growth firms and the institutional conditions for firm growth. Here, I try to answer questions such as: Which firms provide jobs for unemployed immigrants? Whom do growing firms hire? What are the effects of the last-in-first-out rule in the Swedish employment protection legislation act? Does targeted R&D grants towards SMEs improve firm performance?

My research is published in more than 35 scientific journals, such as the Journal of Population Economics, Oxford Economic Papers, Industrial and Corporate Change, and Small Business Economics.


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