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Wrong decisions cost. When the competition toughens our clients need increased market knowledge and a competitive edge. With qualified decision making materials, facts, analysis and consulting advice HUI Research assist our clients develop their businesses and become successful.

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More and more people see the importance of understanding the connection between retail and hospitality. The strong increase in shopping related tourism over resent years gives merit to this idea. Hospitality in Sweden is responsible for 13 percent of the total sales in the Swedish retail market and this percentage is growing.
Hospitality and retail should not be considered isolated areas, they are industries coming increasingly closer to each other. This is the main reason for the merge between HUI (Swedish Institute of Retail), founded in 1968, and TUI (Swedish Institute of Tourism), founded in 2002, into the new company HUI Research AB in 2011.

Together we can offer a wide expertise from which hospitality and retail industry could gain from in a way that is unique for Sweden and Scandinavia.

Our clients

HUI Research’s consultancy clients are found within retail, hospitality, authorities, trade and industry federations and Swedish regional offices and municipalities. The principals and clients of our research organization are research foundations and authorities.


The industry organization Svensk Handel (The Swedish Trade Federation) own HUI Research AB.

More information

For more information please contact:

Jonas Arnberg, CEO
Mail: jonas.arnberg@hui.se