Christmas Gift of the Year 2018

The recycled garment

The recycled garment reflects the Swedish interest for new sustainable alternatives and increasing concerns about climate and environment. The recycled garment captures a time where new business models and technological innovations enable a more sustainable consumption.

Consumer power, climate change and the limited access to raw materials have made an entire industry start thinking about how to work in a more circular system, where the materials in our clothes are used more than once. Consumer demand and technological innovations have made ethics and the environment a competitive factor where long-term survival in fashion requires a sustainable collection.
The recycled garment, defined as garments made completely or partially from recycled materials or second hand, meets all three criteria for becoming Christmas Gift of the Year: 

The recycled garment represents the time we live in

We live in a time when consumers want to shop more sustainably, and retail responds by offering new options. New technology makes it possible to reuse raw materials, consumers expect information about how the goods they buy are produced and want to be able to make individual choices.

The recycled garment has gained a new interest
Technological achievements make us approach larger scale initiatives for clothes made of recycled materials. Sweden has come a long way due to the efforts of one of the world's largest clothing companies and smaller entrepreneurs. In addition, during the very dry summer of 2018 four out of ten Swedes became more concerned about climate change. Almost half of the population felt some concern or anxiety about this and one week before the election climate change was the single most important issue for the voters. Six out of ten consumers stated that they spent more money on eco-labeled or ethically labeled goods in 2017 compared to the year before.*

The recycled garment is expected to account for a high sales value and to be sold in a large number of copies
Garments of recycled materials are most likely to be a significant part of the future fashion industry. Many of the world's major fashion companies have set ambitious quantitative promises of more recycling in their production, and thus volumes of garments made from recycled materials will increase as technology evolves.

*according to Sifo/TV4, Sifo/ICA, Demoskop/Expressen och Svensk Handels Hållbarhetsundersökning 2018 

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About the Christmas Gift of the Year Award

In order for a product to be assigned Christmas Gift of the Year one or more of the following criteria must be met:

  • The product has to be new or have raised new interest that year
  • The product needs a high sales value or have a great number of sold units
  • The product has to represent something typical of that year

Nordiska museet, The Museum of Scandinavian Culture, begun in 2011 an ongoing documentation about HUI Research’s The Christmas Gift of the Year Award. HUI Research donate one item of each Christmas Gift of the Year to the museum. 

The following products have been announced as Christmas Gift of the Year:

1988 The Bread Maker 2003 Cap  
1989 The Video Camera 2004 LCD TV  
1990 The Wok pan 2005 Poker kit  
1991 The CD Player 2006 Audio book  
1992 Video game consol 2007 The GPS Receiver  
1993 Perfume 2008 Experience  
1994 The Mobile Phone 2009 The Bed of Nails  
1995 CD disc 2010 The tablet  
1996 Internet access 2011 Pre-packed bag of groceries  
1997 The electronic pet 2012 Headphones  
1998 A video game 2013 The Juice Extractor  
1999 Book 2014 The Fitness Band  
2000 The DVD Player 2015 The Robotic Vacuum Cleaner    
2001 Tool 2016 The VR glasses    
2002 Cook book 2017
The Electrical Bicycle    

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2015The Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

2014The Fitness Band

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2010The Tablet

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2007The GPS Receiver

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2005Poker Set

2004LCD TV


2002Cook book


2000The DVD Player


1998Video Game

1997The Electronic Pet

1996Internet Access

1995CD disc

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1992Video Game Consol

1991The CD player

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