Christmas Gift of the Year 2017

The Electrical Bicycle

The Christmas Gift of the Year 2017 - the electric bicycle - reflects the Swedish consumers’ increasing climate awareness and willingness to take care of their health as well as the desire to be free, flexible and sometimes comfortable.

In a short period of time the electric bicycle has gone from being an exclusive product to reaching a broad audience. People are given greater opportunities than before to bypass the car queues in the large cities, master the slopes of the small town, defy the headwinds of the plains or take the dog for a long excursion in the woods. The electric bicycle is a retail product that has a great potential to deeply change the infrastructure of the society and human behavior.

The electric bicycle fulfills all three criteria for Christmas Gift of the Year.

The electric bicycle has gained a new interest

In recent years, the technology behind the electric bicycle has matured and made it increasingly accessible. As specialized electric bicycle manufacturers have been joined by electric models from classic bicycle manufacturers, demand has accelerated sharply. Over the past year, more than a tenth of the bicycles sold on the Swedish market have had electric power*. With the government's recently proposed premium of 25 percent of the purchase price up to SEK 10,000, interest has increased even further.

The electric bicycle represents the time we live in
We live in a time of conscious choices. More and more people choose to live in or near cities while many choose not to have a car. The electric bicycle offers climate-conscious and fossil-free transportation while choosing a more active lifestyle. In this way, the electric bicycle reflects three strong mega trends - urbanization, climate awareness and a healthy lifestyle.

The electric bicycle accounts for a high sales value and is sold in a large number
The demand for electric bicycles increases sharply. Between September 2016 and August 2017, 67,500 electric bicycles were sold*, corresponding to an increase of 50 percent compared with the previous year. The electric bicycle is a growing social phenomenon that appeals to a broad audience and, with the greatest probability, will increase even more in popularity with the planned premium from the government.

* According to the organization Svensk Cykling

About the Christmas Gift of the Year Award

In order for a product to be assigned Christmas Gift of the Year one or more of the following criteria must be met:

  • The product has to be new or have raised new interest that year
  • The product needs a high sales value or have a great number of sold units
  • The product has to represent something typical of that year

Nordiska museet, The Museum of Scandinavian Culture, begun in 2011 an ongoing documentation about HUI Research’s The Christmas Gift of the Year Award. HUI Research donate one item of each Christmas Gift of the Year to the museum. 

The following products have been announced as Christmas Gift of the Year:

1988 The Bread Maker 2003 Cap  
1989 The Video Camera 2004 LCD TV  
1990 The Wok pan 2005 Poker kit  
1991 The CD Player 2006 Audio book  
1992 Video game consol 2007 The GPS Receiver  
1993 Perfume 2008 Experience  
1994 The Mobile Phone 2009 The Bed of Nails  
1995 CD disc 2010 The tablet  
1996 Internet access 2011 Pre-packed bag of groceries  
1997 The electronic pet 2012 Headphones  
1998 A video game 2013 The Juice Extractor  
1999 Book 2014 The Fitness Band  
2000 The DVD Player 2015 The Robotic Vacuum Cleaner    
2001 Tool 2016 The VR glasses    
2002 Cook book 2017
The Electrical Bicycle    

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