The VR glasses

We live in a digital era with constantly new technique and products as well as in a society where we demand reinforced experiences i every situation. The Christmas Gift of the Year 2016 is The VR glasses.

Virtual reality is described by some as the greatest technical development in modern times. Even if the VR revolution is not here quite yet, 2016 is the year of the VR breakthrough. Games are dominating the assortment, films are coming strong. Other possible areas are a visit to a museum or a lecture, entertainment with concerts and theatres or just socializing with family and friends. With a keystroke we can move ourselves out of the living room and directly into the game, the film or the concert.

Also companies can take advantage of the VR technique. Consumers equipped with VR glasses can experience new products or services in a new manner. The elderly care can be more fun, city planning and the construction industry with large and costly projects can test their ideas before realizing them.

The VR glasses fulfill all the three criteria to become christmas gift of the year:

The VR glasses are a novelty

This year, we’ve seen the breakthrough for virtual reality, even if this is only the beginning. Now the technique is in place and several well-known game and entertainment companies launch their VR products this year.

The VR glasses represent the times we live in

We live in a digital era with constantly new technique and products as well as in a society where we demand reinforced experiences i every situation. With VR glasses we can experience the virtual world in a totally new way. Games and films attract many, both children and adults, and with this new tool we’re able to reinforce our experience.

There is an increasing demand for the VR glasses

VR glasses where you use the mobile phone are available for a couple of hundreds. In the other end we find VR glasses for five thousand and more, used with game consols and hand devices for a remarkable VR experience. Increased demand during the year means empty store shelves here and there. It seems to work as a gift for the entire family, both children and adults participate. The market is relatively young and software suppliers are a bit behind. The demand is likely to explode when the assortment grows.

About the Christmas Gift of the Year Award

In order for a product to be assigned Christmas Gift of the Year one or more of the following criteria must be met:

  • The product has to be new or have raised new interest that year
  • The product needs a high sales value or have a great number of sold units
  • The product has to represent something typical of that year

Nordiska museet, The Museum of Scandinavian Culture, begun in 2011 an ongoing documentation about HUI Research’s The Christmas Gift of the Year Award. HUI Research donate one item of each Christmas Gift of the Year to the museum.

The following products have been announced as Christmas Gift of the Year:

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