Research-based consultancy

Having both research and consultancy within the same organization is unique for the Swedish market and is one of HUI Research’s strengths. Our consultants assist our clients in developing their businesses and enhance the understanding for the forces that drive consumption and economics.

We have profound knowledge in quantitative and qualitative survey methods and several years of experience of doing research experiments in stores. We also have long experience of solving problems for demanding clients in various industries.

The research-based consultancy operation is the core of our qualified service offering. HUI Research offer qualified decision making materials, facts, analysis and consulting advice essentially for clients with interests in the retail and tourism industries.

Our clients are found within retail and tourism industries and among authorities, municipalities and industry federations. 

Three services for the retail and tourism industry

HUI Research offers six well-defined and qualified services central to retail and hospitality industry e.g.:

  • Development of retail and destinations
  • Support for marketing
  • Support for opinion forming

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Unique combination

HUI Research is a leading institute for research on retail and wholesale trade. Our scientists are published in numerous international social and economic scientific journals and our network of associated scientists cover every continent.

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