Qualified decision-making materials

HUI Research has gathered and analyzed financial statistics for decades. We offer qualified decision-making material, facts, analysis and consulting advice essentially for clients with interests in the retail and tourism industries.

In our research-based consultancy operation the problem solving skills are well documented and appreciated. The analysis and advice are central services that can enhance your market knowledge and improve your competitiveness.

We add genuine industry knowledge based on our problem solving skills and documented methodology that can improve your business result.

Three services for the retail and tourism industry

HUI Research offers three well-defined and qualified services central to retail and tourism industry e.g.:

  • Development of retail and destinations
  • Support for marketing
  • Support for opinion forming

More information

For more information please contact:

Christina Bogestrand, Business Area Manager Tourism
Phone: +46-31-759 50 08
Mail: christina.bogestrand@hui.se