Economic Forecast

HUI Research continuously analyses the development in the retail industry and the Swedish economy as a whole. By using lectures, workshops and reports we help companies and organizations to stay updated on the economic development and make assessments on how economic and political events affect their businesses.

A vital socio-economic document for Swedish industry

Four times a year HUI Research publish a more extended Economic Forecast. Reports on retail, specific industries and swedish economy as a whole for the two upcoming years are included in these reports. The focus is on prognosis for the retail industry and the households consumption. In the Economic Forecst we also present a analysis of the retail industry of our neighbouring countries. HUI Research's Economic Forecast come with ratios of consumption and retail industry’s historical and expected development. As a subscribed member you receive HUI Research's Economic Forecst four times a year.

Who benefits from The Economic Forecast?

HUI Research’s Economic Forecast is used by the retail, real estate industry and the banking- and financial market, often as a foundation for business plans.

For more information

For questions concerning HUI Research's Economic Forecast please contact:

Michael Cronholm
Phone: +46-8-762 72 81