The battle of purchasing power

The retail industry is going through dramatic change. Old rules of the game do not apply and the battlefield is barely recognizable. 

The consumers have more sophisticated demands, many stores go out of business, the big franchises expand and the e-trade industry has resurrected in a more competitive shape. The technology development is also increasing rapidly and create great potential. Meanwhile the european low-cost trading has entered the business in a strong way. 

How well the retail- and wholesale industry function and meet the new expectations is of great importance for the industry growth, but also for the quality of life of the consumer.

In a new revised edition of the  bestseller Kampen om köpkraften, free translated to the Battle of Purchasing Power) HUI Research once again analyses the the economic situation and the development of consumption and demand in different retail industries. The book highlight actual and concrete examples from the Swedish retail industry and also presents a vision on the future of retail.

Kampen om köpkraften is directed toward everybody working within retail, but also to those working with consumer questions or have interest in the retails industry’s affects on socio-economic  development. The book also serves in educational purpose.

Kampen om köpkraften is free of charge  through financiation by HUR, The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Development Council

Please note that the book is only available in Swedish.

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Please observe that the new edition of Kampen om köpkraften is not yet published, but feel free to register a notice of interest. The new edition will be launched in November 2011.