The information bible of your industry

How is your company performing in relation to your competitors? HUI Research's product Branschfakta, with a free translation, Industry facts, provide you with the answers you need to make qualified business decisions.

Industy facts is a unique information bible containing everything you need to know concerning your industry. Industy facts is published every year and contain information about the retail industry. 

Industy facts is the tool for you in need of a reliable and simple instrument to understand trends and external changes and also to compare your company with competitors and the rest of the industry. The users of Industy facts are property owners, suppliers, banks and of course many retail industry companies.

The industry subdivisions in Industy facts is coherent with the HUI Research product DHI, the Swedish Retail Index, offered by HUI Research and Statistics Sweden. This enables you to follow the development of the different industries on a monthly basis. Industy facts in combination with a subscription of the DHI will provide you with proper knowledge of your industry.

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