Retail in Sweden

Handeln i Sverige is a HUI Research product. In a free translation it would be Retail in Sweden. Retail in Sweden concerns professionals who work with e.g. municipal or regional planning, business development, market analyses, establishing retail industries, commercial property owners, urban developers or contractors to the retail industry. 

Retail in Sweden is a reliable tool to estimate the retail business size, structure, development, attractiveness and development potential on a local or regional market. Retail in Sweden offers information on FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), retail turnover and durable goods, on both a municipal and a regional level. It also presents unique and relevant comparisons between different municipal types.

Retail in Sweden has been released as a book since the beginning of the 1990's. From year 2010 it is available as a database on the internet with search- and download functions. This gives the Retail in Sweden database user the option of searching the information one is interested in and make tailored extracts from the database for downloading and further processing in Excel. With the transition to a database tool it became possible to order comparable time series for different key figures during the period 1992-2009.

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