With the numbers in focus

The HUI Research product Köpcentrumbarometern, free translated to Shopping Center Survey, is the only single continuous mapping survey on turnover and development of shopping centers in Sweden. 

We started this survey in the beginning of the 2000s based on industry demand and in order to better monitor retail development in Sweden. The marketplaces and shopping centers in Sweden has doubled over the past 15 years and the industry's need to comply with this sales channel in the current situation is great. 

The companies in the Shopping Center Survey can every quarter recognize market development based on:

  • Turnover and development
  • Areas
  • Number of stores
  • Number of visitors
Beside these key figures the Shopping Center Survey also presents unique statistics e.g. turnover per square meter. 
The data is presented by marketplace and by region and it can also be sorted by type of marketplace or shopping center. This generates a unique overall picture of the state of the Swedish marketplaces and shopping centers and how they develop over time. Please note that it is only the companies in the Shopping Center Survey that can get the survey since it is not public. In order to get the data you will have to participate.

Participate in The Shopping Center Survey

Are you a commercial property owner? Do you want to participate in the Shopping Center Survey or do you have questions about the product? Please contact:

Tobias Rönnberg
Phone: +46-8-762 72 96
Mail: tobias.ronnberg@hui.se